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Vision & Mission

School Vision:
Supporting students in finding their path to success.

School Mission:
Ruben Salazar High School strives to create a culture of learning and collaboration where students are recognized as individuals with specific needs. Students are empowered to learn and encouraged to take academic risks while becoming life-long learners. Ruben Salazar High School is also dedicated to providing students with a rigorous and relevant standards-based curriculum that fosters each students' unique talents and strengths. Teachers and staff at Ruben Salazar High School motivate students to be independent thinkers who can problem solve. In partnership with the community, Ruben Salazar High School is committed to supporting each student's path to becoming a productive and technologically literate citizens in the global community.

School Safety Vision:
Ruben Salazar High School's safety vision with the support of PBIS, provides staff and students the safest and least disruptive learning environment. This vision is supported by the following key components:
> A positive, caring relationship between staff and students
> A secure physical environment
> Strong leadership and academic instruction supported by consistent adherence to policies and discipline procedures.
> Recognition of student individuality through support and validation of student effort and success.