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Principal's Message

We envision our school as a place where students have room to grow and mature, both emotionally and intellectually. Working together, we will create a school climate that encourages learning, provides alternatives for earning high school credits, and prepares our students with a foundation on which to build the rest of their lives.
 We believe all students have potential, are valued individuals, and are unique in their personalities. We respect their individuality, encourage creative thinking, and strive to provide the safest, least-disruptive learning environment. Our commitment is to help our students complete the requirements for a high school diploma, acquire basic job related skills, develop an appreciation of the importance of lifelong learning, and develop effective social skills. We are committed to providing an enriched curriculum with high expectations for all students,which emphasizes the skills, concepts, and processes necessary for the technological and cultural challenges of the 21st century.
Using effective instructional strategies, our students will learn problem-solving techniques and become proficient in using technology to assess information, to strengthen basic skills, to develop a variety of communication techniques, and to acquire the competencies that will lead to post-secondary education and entry-level job skills. This will be accomplished by monitoring a small student body, small class size, a caring staff, flexible scheduling, career counseling, individualized instruction, and a strong emphasis on productivity in class.
We will do our best to provide a warm and caring atmosphere where students feel that they matter. Stop by and visit us anytime. We would be happy to show you around and let you see for yourself.
Gabriel Gonzalez, Principal