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Guidance » Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

The Ruben Salazar High School Diploma
     You will graduate from Ruben Salazar High School when you have completed all the required courses plus enough electives to total 220 credits. A minimum of 20 credits must be earned from Ruben Salazar.
     Just being here does not earn credit. Only productive work earns credit. A minimum of 53 class periods of productive work for each class are required to earn five (5) credits. In most classes you must demonstrate competency before receiving credit.
You will find that Ruben Salazar is not an “easy” school; it is a caring school with a flexible program to meet the wide variety of student needs.
Required Classes
English 40 Credits                                Economics 5 Credits
Math 30 Credits                                    Government 5 Credits
Earth Science 10 Credits                     US History 10 Credits
Biology 10 Credits                               World History 10 Credits
Science 10 Credits                               Geography 5 Credits
Physical Education 20 Credits            Health 5 Credits
Fine Arts/Foreign Lang. 10 Credits 
*Electives 50 Credits (20 max for community service hours)
Total 220 Credits
*Effective beginning 2015-2016 
Change in graduation requirements:
Elective Requirement 50 Credits 
Science 10 Science Credits* ( In addition to Earth and Biology) 
Grade Placement
Grade Placement depends upon the number of credits earned:
0 – 55 = 9th Grade
56- 110 = 10th Grade
111 – 165 = 11th Grade
166 – Over = 12th Grade
Click on the file below to view an example of a student credit sheet